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The Ginger Runner is the premiere running gear reviewer and running youtuber on the web. From review videos to race films, The Ginger posts 2 videos a week and offers extensive knowledge in the sport of running, ultra running and endurance sports.
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 I know yesterday was #NationalPuppyDay, but couldn't resist. Lil @asparagusthecav has been with us for almost 1 year and he's been an incredible addition to our adventure family. He brings @kimberleydt and I so much joy every single day with his relentless energy and squirrel hunting. I encourage everyone to #AdoptDontShop - there are fantastic adoption agencies, much like @cavalierrescueusa, that rescue every type of breed, just be patient and you can find your little addition too! Gosh, he's so damn cute! #tongueouttuesday #iknowitsnottuesday
 Rainy day family date. Spot @Kimberleydt & @asparagusthecav!
 What @krissymoehl and her team have put together up here for the last 25yrs is one helluva special event. While a last minute injury kept me from enjoying the Chuckanuts, I surely saw a primetime showdown at the front of the pack! Well done @maxkingor, @hawks_hayden11 & @sagecanaday with the jaw dropping performances on the men's side, and to @ladiahallie @ywangruns & Rachel Jaten for the women's! WOW, and in those sloppy conditions up top!? Inspired and humbled! Cannot wait to come back and run this again!! #Chuckanut50k
 I am honored to finally share #ADecadeOn with you. Visit my YouTube channel (or click link in IG profile) and enjoy a touching comeback story that will inspire you, whether you're a runner or not. Thank you, Brian & Andrea, for sharing your story with such openness and candor.
 TOMORROW. This is @briantmorrison crossing the finish of the Western States 100 in 2006 in first place. Unfortunately, he collapsed feet from the line and was unable to complete the 100 miles under his own power; the race was recorded as a "Did Not Finish". Tomorrow, you will get to see what happened when he returned in 2016, #ADecadeOn, to try and complete the race. The movie will be live at 8am pst on my YouTube channel. There will also be a bonus commentary with Brian available at the same time if you'd like to learn more while simultaneously supporting the project. I can't wait to finally share this touching story about one of the kindest friends I've ever met with the world! : @aubreyyerbua

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