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The Ginger Runner is the premiere running gear reviewer and running youtuber on the web. From review videos to race films, The Ginger posts 2 videos a week and offers extensive knowledge in the sport of running, ultra running and endurance sports.
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 First Xmas tree in years, and it came from my hometown no less! Wonderful starting new traditions as a married couple. Now for spiked cider, the REAL tradition!
 The opting outside continues! Time to put my face in a pile of food. And by food I mean pie.
 Date night w/ this funny duo! Have a great trip to PTown you two!
 I have so much to be thankful for. I'm surrounded by inspiration, love and support. I have the most wonderful wife and family. I get to enjoy new adventures every day. Wouldn't trade any of it for anything. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's to new traditions, happiness and love. Now for beer & a most delicious vegetarian feast!
 Perfect temp. Perfect views. Perfect company. Giving thanks for all of the above today! We even successfully braved the grocery store today without punching strangers!

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 Here's a great interview I did with @inov_8 athlete @rayzahab for @goodpeoplerunnz on change, advocacy, inspiration and connectivity. I love my job! Thanks Ray!!! Link in bio #rayzahab #impossible2possible #goodpeoplerun #trailrunning #instarunners #trainracebeer #adventure #running #canada
 We are getting an early start on Gingermas! And yes, that's a tree skirt made of running shoes. @jeromekelso #trainracebeer #letsgohoka #imagearist #gingermas
 We are getting an early start on Gingermas! @jeromekelso #trainracebeer #imagearist #airforcemarathon #gingermas
 We are getting an early start on Gingermas! @jeromekelso #trainracebeer #imagearist #opsf5050 #gingermas
 We are getting an early start on Gingermas! @jeromekelso #trainracebeer #letsgohoka #imagearist #gingermas
 26.2 @ aerobic HR < 151. Doesn't make for a fast marathon but when you finish feeling like you can run another 26.2, that's where it's at. Road races are kinda cray, gimme some trail ultras any day of the week. But hey, 2 medals, pizza, beer and good company on the course make for a pretty successful day. #TrainRaceBeer
 Rainy day out on the trails today. #trailrunning #trainracebeer #icebug #nathansports #salomonrunning #litaaldrigpåenfisefter10k #ågestafriluftsområde