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 This is my crew (Justin is filming). At 2am Sunday morning, I reached the top of that peak in the background. I had run 62 miles to get there. The rain had turned torrential and the temperature had dropped to just over freezing. The worst Summer storm on record had moved into the Northwest to wreak it's havoc on all of us. Rather than joining the large group of cold, wet runners huddled around the make-shift fire pit the wonderful Kacheelus Ridge volunteers had assembled, my pacer/wife, @kimberleydt, motioned that it was time to run down the mountain as fast as possible to avoid the hypothermia that would inevitably set in by stopping for too long. A few calories in the mouth and I was off. 8 miles downhill in the pelting freezing rain began to chill my core. My mind was beginning to fade - another blatant sign of hypothermia. She'd ask me questions and I wouldn't answer or I'd make up weird answers. We each had emergency blankets that became necessary protection. She wrapped and tied both of them around me in a last minute attempt to keep my body temp up. With only our headlamp's illumination and the sound of shuffling safety blankets, I got into Kachess campground aid station as quickly as my body allowed. Greeted by the incredible @garyrobbins, his smile immediately turned to a face that meant business. He saw that I was in danger of not only losing my race, but of being in an emergency situation. He and the volunteers quickly got me to a hot car, I stripped my body of everything cold & wet, and started from scratch with a fresh set of clothes. Almost as quickly as I had lost my ability to think for the last few hours, I regained it all. My race went from "Over" to "Salvageable". In less than 30 minutes, I was redressed and heading back out onto one of the most difficult section of the entire 100 miles with Gary by my side. I could not have continued if it wasn't for the quick thinking and immediate assistance of my crew. They made my day possible. Thank you @kimberleydt, @garyrobbins, @justsund & @destinytop.  by Glenn Tachiyama More to come...
 Nothing like some swol quads and skin-to-skin contact with a lil Jesus thrown in for good measure! #WednesdayHumpDay
 Atop Thorpe Mountain. Mile 84 of 100. The highest point on the course and one of the toughest to get to. Wearing 5 jackets, 3 pairs of pants and fighting hypothermia, this was a justifiable moment to get overwhelmed with emotion. Tonight's GRLive will start at 7pm pst from @sevenhillsrunning in Magnolia. If you're in the area, come on by and share some stories and eat some 'za. I'll be recapping my race with some of my crew! #UglyCry
 I am connected to this place, these trails, these mountains. Growing up here had a profound effect on my life that I will be forever grateful. Going into Cascade Crest 100 I wanted to learn all about what made this "low-key" race so special. I found out after spending over 28 hours on the course: The people. From Rich White - the heart of this body - an amazing, humble and giving race director who tirelessly works to give each runner the best experience. From previous race directors who helped shape what this event and course is today. From the aid station volunteers - the organs that keep this body alive - who know you by name before you even arrive and shove hot, delicious food into your mouths because they've been doing it for over a decade and know it's what you need. To the fellow runners - the muscle that holds this body together - who's stories and legends are shared and told over miles and hours of rugged landscape. Every human that I encountered out there was supportive, strong and genuinely caring of each other. The 2015 running of #CCC100 has bonded us together and we can all reflect back and say, "we were there". I have never felt more welcome. More to come...but first donuts.
 That was BY FAR the most difficult thing I have ever done. 100 miles through beautiful & rugged NW trails, near hypothermic conditions at points, and one of the highest DNF rates in the race's history, the Cascade Crest 100 required everything I had and a LOT more to complete. So many people, volunteers & family to thank so I will do that in future pics. After running for 28:44:34 straight, I'm insanely out-of-sorts and have to find the nearest flat space to lay down and let the flashbacks take over. This is a Cascade to remember.

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 Take the long trail. See some cool things. It's Friday, good stuff happens. #trailrunning #trails #running #waterfall #waterfalls #mountainrunning #mountains #dirtbagrunners #getoutthere #getoutside #exploremore #weekendiscoming #expandyourplayground #runhighs #runitfast #runnershigh #runsteepgethigh #trailandultra #trainracebeer #thankyourunning #InstaRunners #irunthisbeard
 Gear dump before #Glenmore24. Getting nervous now!
 Packing for the trails of Scotland! Stoked to explore new trails, mountains and a new country! Oh, and beer and whiskey of course #trainracebeer #vacation #scotland #scottishtrails
 Choose your own prize. Throwback to welcoming home the runners at the HK100 in Jan. #trailrunning #skyrunning #runningrewards #trophies #finishline #thankyourunning #exploremore #skyrunning #runsteepgethigh #trailandultra #trainracebeer @hk100ultra @vibram #kailas #tsingtao #trails #hk100 #mountainrunning #runitfast #runsteepgethigh #InstaRunners #getoutside #getoutthere #trailandultra #keepexploring #expandyourplayground #adventure #tbt
 Nine very hot and very humid miles... Loved every single moment of it!!! Unlike most people I love this weather and I'm not ready to let go of summer ☀️ ... Give me a few more weeks of this!!! #run #runner #running #summerrunning #summertime #humid #hot #marathoner #marathontraining #ultra #ilovesummer #TriStateRunning #tsr #TrainRaceBeer #beardedrunner #letsgohoka
 A nice hot one out on the trails today. Almost time for another 80km in the woods. Redemption is near. #TrainRaceBeer
 Just me and the nature around me. #run #runner #runch #running #nature #trail #trailrunning #ultrarunner #marathoner #marathontraining #TrainRaceBeer #TriStateRunning #tsr