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 The day after a big storm isn't so bad.
 The LA River certainly has zero chill today. Currently without power, surrounded by flooded streets, but plenty of beer.
 Two weeks ago, I started on a tour with my new movie, A Decade On, with my buddy & subject of the film, @briantmorrison. What a hell of a whirlwind adventure. On top of that, I documented & uploaded behind the scenes videos each day - all 11 episodes are available on my YouTube channel! #GNGRBTS
 Memories of yesterday. Today's #GNGRBTS is my favorite episode yet. Should be up in an hour or so.
 Our southeast tour with 'A Decade On' ends tonight in Nashville, TN. I can't thank Brian Morrison enough. He (and his wife Andrea) put together an incredible 8 stop tour with sell-out crowds, figured out travel logistics and coordinated everything while I tagged along and shoved a camera in Brian's face each day. The incredible people we've met, the stories we've heard and the inspiration we've soaked up in such a short amount of time has been downright amazing! Y'all are the kindest, most generous, good people and we can't thank you enough for supporting this project. It will be available for free to all VERY soon so keep your eyes peeled :) * I should also note there are still some spots in the Orcas Island Trail Camp Brian is hosting and I will be attending in March if anyone wants to join! Visit for info.

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