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The Ginger Runner is the premiere running gear reviewer and running youtuber on the web. From review videos to race films, The Ginger posts 2 videos a week and offers extensive knowledge in the sport of running, ultra running and endurance sports.
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 Date night. #RunPizzaBeer
 I needed a last long run before the #Quicksilver100k in May. Buttery-smooth PCT singletrack mixed with beautiful (hot) sunshine beckoned. Thank you @keirahenninger for putting on, yet again, an incredible race with AMAZING volunteers! #LeonaDivide50k is in the books (and I think a new 50k PR). Congrats to all who finish this tough race today! Wish I could've stayed but we had to find popsicles & edit some new vids
 NEW FILM! Watch some elites kick major ass competing for the coveted Western States spots! Link in profile.
 HELL YES. As I'm editing his face in tomorrow's #Gorge100k film, a package arrived from @davidlaney12 with handmade #TrainRaceBeer coasters! THESE ARE AMAZING DUDE!
 Ridge-running above the city of broken dreams. Unless your dream is ridge-running in which case, "WOOHOO!"

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 Post Boston Marathon beer! Personal Best by 6 seconds 3:04:41 #bostonmarathon #trainracebeer #postmarathonbeer
 We gonna walk down to Kit Carson avenue. So ready to get back up to 14k! #gopro
 Had some great conversation with @ethannewberry around miles 25-28 while we were both getting a little low. Luckily the last aid station brought us back to life to finish strong! #gingerrunner #trainracebeer
 The gr cult is growing....There I am in my daily commute, waiting to cross a busy intersection at about mile 7. I'm lost in my own head, relishing the crappy spring weather,....when a brother rolls down his window and yells something at me in a kind and jovial tone. Didn't quit hear it. But, based on the vehicle he was driving, the fact that he wearing my favourite down sweater, his obviously super fit condition and the big grin on his face, I could identify him as a brother and could tell he recognized the gr buff. #trainhardraceharderpartyhardest #trainracebeer #gingerrunner
 Reaching the first overlook semi summit.definitely made me smile an let out a bice! #trailrunner #trainracebeer #igersoftheday #jerseystrong #runner #mttammany #landscapes #Sundayfunday #mylifebelike #ultratraining #distancerunner #cardio #run #outdoors #mountainrunning #brooks #gothills #workout #fit #fitness #fitfam #hiking #running #skyporn
 Yakima Skyline Rim #trainracebeer
 #bloodygoodonyouriverhead #trailrunning #trainracebeer I don't think running is therapy. Therapy is therapy. But, days like this, on trails like these make me feel happy, well and privileged.