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The Ginger Runner is the premiere running gear reviewer and running youtuber on the web. From review videos to race films, The Ginger posts 2 videos a week and offers extensive knowledge in the sport of running, ultra running and endurance sports.
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 Women are fucking AWESOME.
 Step one. #NewGearComing #Tease
 What a day. Not only did we run into some dude letting his 5 year old drive a gas-powered quad around the trails in Griffith Park (not even bikes are allowed on the trails) but 30min later we got backed into by a driver not paying attention or listening to my horn as she did it while stopped at a red light. We're fine, but what a week, huh!? Makes moments like this pic mean that much more. Good news: @kimberleydt and I are eating mac and cheese right now.
 Still green!

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