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Race Report: The 2012 Big Sur Marathon


I may have whispered the word, “Wow”, to myself hundreds of times in a 4 hour time-span. It was pretty much the only way to sum up my 2012 Big Sur Marathon experience. I mean, when you have 26.2 miles of rugged cliffsides, breathtaking ocean-views, quad-slamming hills, and brutally canted California coastal highway between the start and finish line, you’re pretty much guaranteed of loving every second of the run. This marathon did not disappoint. […]


Race Report: The 2012 LA Marathon

LA Marathon Logo

Let’s just say that this race taught me a thing or two in humility, perseverance, and outright pain & suffering. This was by far my worst marathon to date; but was easily the most important test of my will to finish and push through what I would only consider the impossible. In fact, it’s only now – weeks later – that I’m able to get over my pride, write about it and share my experience. […]


Review: The 2011 BMO Vancouver Marathon

The 2011 BMO Vancouver Marathon

If anyone says marathons are easy, they deserve a punch in the balls (or groinal region). They’re not. No matter how you spin it. Despite having trained long and hard for this, my third full marathon, it was by no means a walk (or run) in the park for me. In fact, it may have been my most difficult race yet both physically and mentally. TRAINING FOR THE RACE I started training for this race […]