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Review: Suunto Ambit 2

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.28.12 PM

So i’ve been rocking the Ambit2 for a few months now in hopes of getting a good idea of how this watch compares to not only the original Ambit but also the Garmin Fenix. After a number of issues with the Garmin Fenix dropping signal, restarting and failing despite plenty of battery life, I knew it was time to switch to another watch. Now remember, this watch is primarily for adventure runners, ultra runners, explorers, […]


OFFICIAL: I will be at the 2013 Boston Marathon w/ Newton Running!

2013 Boston Marathon

Guess what? I’m GOING TO THE 2013 BOSTON MARATHON! I honestly cannot believe it and am excited beyond belief. Here’s what’s up: Newton Running contacted me recently and proposed the idea of partnering up, travelling to the Boston Marathon, and creating cool video content for everyone to watch while we’re there. Wait, SAY WHA? They have been a fan of my videos for awhile (and I’m obviously a fan of their kicks) so they thought […]


Review: The Newton Gravitas

The Newton Gravitas

Here’s my comprehensive review of the Newton Gravitas. It’s a fantastic model from Newton, a relatively new boutique brand to the running world. With forefoot lug technology, these shoes strive to be the best for forefoot/midfoot runners hoping to better their stride, increase their speed and comfort. I love them. I’ve been wearing newtons for about 6 months now (this is my second pair) and I rarely find myself running in my other shoe options. There […]