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Review: Salomon XA Smartskin Jacket & Superfleet Crew Midlayer

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SALOMON XA SMARTSKIN SOFTSHELL JACKET After putting this jacket through the Ginger Runner gauntlet, I’m confident in saying it’s a dynamite piece of gear. I was looking for something to wear on my runs during the rainy months, cold evenings, and early foggy trail mornings. Salomon has a huge variety of choices, all at different pricepoints and features, and this was the perfect choice. Good job, me! It has the right amount of weather resistance, light […]


Review: Salomon Trail Runner II 1/2 Zip Tech Tee & XA Pro Trail Socks

Salomon Review

Without giving too much of this review away in the first sentence, Salomon freakin’ NAILS trail running apparel. Ok, now that I’ve blown my wad and spoiled everything, I’ll get more specific. Being known for their affection for hardcore trail runners and outfitting some of the best ultramarathoners in the world, Salomon has a reputation that precedes it. Because of this, I’ve wanted to get into some Salomon gear so I could try it out and see if […]


Review: Big Agnes Lost Ranger Sleeping Bag & Two Track Pad

Big Agnes, Baby!

So as you may have read, Mile Long Legs and myself ventured northward to Yosemite National Park for some much needed hiking, camping, and all around outdoor mayhem (possibly fueled by beer). You might be thinking, “Ginger! This is a RUNNING blog! Why am I reading a camping gear review??” Well, because I consider long hikes and trail runs a part of my training schedule. Therefore, I felt it necessary to include reviews of these […]


A Little Yosemite Goes A Long Way

Lower Yosemite Falls

So this last week Mile Long Legs and myself decided to go for a kick-ass camping excursion northbound to Yosemite National Park. We’d both been once before and fell in love with the place, what with its towering granite cliffs, exotic waterfalls and challenging hikes. We thought that heading to the park earlier in the season would bring us even MORE beauty then we’d experienced before. Well, we were in for serious curve balls. We […]