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13 Oct Ginger Runner LIVE #34 | New Marathon World Record

The Ginger sits down to round up the latest in running news for the month of September! From the brand new Marathon World Record, to Ironman Lake Tahoe getting cancelled. We even talk about a train stopping a marathon mid-race! Enjoy! FOLLOW ME ON ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS: SUBSCRIBE to this channel:

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18 Aug Ginger Runner LIVE #28 | The Squamish 50/50 Recap Party

Join myself and Kimberley as we recap our experience at the Squamish 50 miler, 50k & 23k races this last weekend in beautiful British Columbia! FOLLOW ME ON ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS: SUBSCRIBE to this channel: SUBSCRIBE to Ethan's Main Channel: Train Hard. Race Harder. Party Hardest....

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Ginger Runner - "Grinds"

14 Aug Enjoy the “Grinds”

This is a pinnacle moment for me not only as a runner, but as a creator. In 2 days as of writing this, I will embark on what I imagine will be the most challenging endurance adventure to date - The Squamish 50/50. But before that, on Friday August 15th,...

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08 Aug Review: Inov-8 Ultra 290 & X-Talon 212

[vc_video link=''] Inov-8 Ultra Trail 290 I finally get the chance to put my feet into some Inov-8 running shoes and the results are mixed. I have heard from MANY people that Inov-8 shoes are their favorite kicks for all sorts of running. From long road runs to crazy off-trail backcountry running...

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