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13 Oct Ginger Runner LIVE #34 | New Marathon World Record

The Ginger sits down to round up the latest in running news for the month of September! From the brand new Marathon World Record, to Ironman Lake Tahoe getting cancelled. We even talk about a train stopping a marathon mid-race! Enjoy! FOLLOW ME ON ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS: SUBSCRIBE to this channel:

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31 May Review: The 2014 Newton Distance III & Gravity III

2014 NEWTON GRAVITY III [caption id="attachment_1727" align="alignleft" width="601"] Click to watch my 2014 Newton Gravity III Review[/caption] Well, i finally get my sweet lil ginger feet into a pair of the 2014 Newtons and am pleasantly surprised after that whole Newton BOCO AT debacle. These shoes return to what I know and...

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